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Vanguard Way by Joshua Rice

The Vanguard Way project by Joshua Rice design is a wonderful example of a minimal color pallet. The walls, materials and other pieces are utilizing a nice black-white ratio while the art found through out the house ads the needed piece of color. The wood pieces, mostly the cabinets ad a nice amount of warmth into the place. I like the texture on the polished concrete floors, it ads a dimensionality to the surface of the floor. If you haven’t seen the work of Joshua Rice I suggest you take a moment and look through his projects.

Joshua Rice,modern design,interior design,modern

modern design,interior design,modern

Interiors by David Hicks

David Hicks has a talented eye for color, texture and depth. Color and texture are self explanatory but depth in my mind is a different animal. For me depth is the layering of color and texture creating a multi level experience. As I pan across one of these rooms my eye keeps finding more and more to look at. Wether its the texture in the marble or the artwork on the walls it all work wonderfully. The kitchen in picture 4, AMAZING!

modern interiors,design,modern

modern interiors,design,modern

Modern Kitchen Renovation WORKSTEAD

This modern kitchen renovation by WORKSTEAD is not just a kitchen renovation but those cabinets! I have featured WORKSTEAD before but this project must be newer. Make sure to take a look through their portfolio as they have some amazing cabinet designs and these are no exception. If someone described this kitchen to me I may not be so keen on it but to look at it is another thing. The colors and design is warm, modern and unique.

modern kitchen,design,cabinets

Modern Kitchen Renovation,modern kitchen,design,cabinets

Mid century revival near Stoke Poges

This mid century revival near Stoke Poges is a beautiful example of iconic mid century architecture. Unfortunately the architect is unknown, The house was originally designed for a pharmaceuticals executive and his American wife, the house was designed to replicate a home that they owned in Malibu, California, which is the last image or sketch. The impressive beams run all the way through the house, almost like a rib webwork. I like the low slung flat roofed house with its minimal approach.

mid century, architecture,design,mcm

mid century, architecture,design,mcm

K-1 stationery kit

The K-1 stationery kit designed by Maxim Scherbakov. K-1 means “Konstruktor-1″. The name was inspired by Soviet construction toys. I like that a toy can also create a functional pieces of organization for your desktop. In a way I see them as logos for big kids. This idea has so many possibilities with so many material choices. I do know that if I had one of these on my desk it could be some what of a distraction. It would be cool to make a different structure everyday for a year and then make a movie from it.

modern toys,blocks,Maxim Scherbakov

stationery kit,modern toys,blocks,Maxim Scherbakov

Mid century renovation in Melbourne

This mid century renovation in Melbourne originally designed by Linton Reynolds of Woodfull & Reynolds in 1963 has been kept relatively true to form. I get excited when I see homes like this because they have stood the test of time. All they need is little attention and love and they will last another test. The courtyard is one of my favorite design elements of mid century architecture. The clear story windows do a great job at letting light fill the interior spaces. I have to say it but I think I would have gone with another wood in the kitchen besides oak but just my personal taste.

mid century house,architecture,Woodfull & Reynolds,renovation

Mid century renovation,mid century house,architecture,Woodfull & Reynolds,renovation

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