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Mid century by Hal Levitt in Trousdale Estates

This Mid century home by Hal Levitt in Trousdale Estates California is a stunning example of design longevity. The way the house was remodeled on the inside almost makes the construction feel contemporary. It just goes to show that modern design can span generations and still be highly effective and sought after. The 1969 single-story design lends itself to long singular planes that are more dramatic that typical house of this period. The lush vegetation make the home feel like it sits in a tropical destination of sorts. The home is currently on the market.

mid century,los angeles,hills,trousdale estates,mcm

mid century,Hal Levitt,los angeles,hills,trousdale estates,mcm

Chabot project by la SHED

The Chabot project by la SHED is a multi level refurbished modern home. I like the industrial feel of the stair case but it still has a modern look with the white powder coat. The idea of making everything clean lined and tucked away makes the spaces feel more open and larger. The exterior stair case is a modern work of art. The slatted metal is a beautiful touch.

modern design,architecture,house,plastolux

modern design,architecture,house,plastolux

Interiors by Nicolas Schuybroek

These minimal interiors by Nicolas Schuybroek are a perfect exercise in restraint. No only restraint in color but shape and space. Obviously a fan of of Pierre Jeanneret the chairs make for some great contrasting angular shapes. I do like the interiors that have the older architecture. All of the moldings provide a reminder of the past but update with a monochromatic color scheme. Make sure to visit his site to view some other stunning projects.

modern interiors,design,minimal

modern interiors,design,minimal

The interiors of Gloria Cortina

The interiors of Gloria Cortina are layered with texture and mazing materials. It was a pleasure looking through Gloria’s portfolio of work, there is so much inspiration to be had. Sometimes contemporary can start looking like “cheap modern hotel” but that is in no way the case here. The first picture, yes that is bathroom. Who leeds with a bathroom picture? Rosewood and marble with perfect refined edges and nothing to hide, stunning. There are some appearances of mid century pieces here and there.

interior design,modern,Mexico

Gloria Cortina,interior design,modern,Mexico

Matt W. Moore S H A D O V V S

S H A D O V V S by Matt W. Moore is a stunning display of dimensional geometric expression. During a 2 month stay in Oakland, CA, and a 2 week residency within 886 Geary Gallery, Moore constructed a new body of work. The exhibition has 5 chapters. The pieces are so beautiful, I like that you can look at them straight away but as soon as you shift your gaze you get a whole other experience with dimension. Both the white and the color chapters have a level of depth that communicates a trick of the eye. Make sure to click over and take a look at the rest of the art, these are only a few of the pieces.

modern art,modern design,art,artist

modern art,modern design,art,artist

Invermay House by Moloney Architecture

The Invermay House by Moloney Architecture is a beautiful geometric house full of amazing materials. The “wood boxes” counter positioned with the “concrete boxes” make for a dynamic family home. The fire place is a focal point in the family room with its custom wood holder base. The cantilevers on the house push past the cubes creating another dramatic visual plane. The bathroom is so minimal and modern.

modern architecture,modern house, concrete,design

modern architecture,modern house, concrete,design

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