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WRIGHT Scandinavian Design

Today I took a look through WRIGHT’S upcoming Scandinavian Design auction. Yes, I know this is sort of a cop-out post because most of us dream about these pieces. I like that WRIGHT has some different angles in there photography. The auction is 20 November 2014 Noon. Here are some of my favorites.

scandinavian design,dansih,modern,teak
FINN JUHL,rare settee, model NV-45

scandinavian design,dansih,modern,teak
IB KOFOD-LARSEN, rare Elizabeth chairs

Modern family apartment

This modern family apartment found in an issue of Elle Decor Italy is full of some very recognizable pieces. I always enjoy seeing the people that not only created the space but live in it as well. I enjoy the diversity of textures and surfaces found through these spaces. The marble in the bathroom is monumental in size creating large geometric blocks. The groupings are art are nice as well. Things feel organized but it ale feels a little organic, not too much in place.

modern family apartment, interior design,interiors

modern apartment, interior design,interiors

The Kambara Residence Richard Neutra

The Kambara Residence by Richard Neutra hits the market for the very first time. There has been only one owner and the house was kept all original. There were eight or so of these colony houses at Silver Lake California. The name conveys that these homes were similar in style and construction but to the contrary they were separate and individual. Neutra believed that the well being of a person was directly linked to their home. Not that I have that sort of money but 2.3M seams pretty reasonable for such and amazing pice of architecture.

richard neutra,mcm,mid century,architecture,Kambara

richard neutra,mcm,mid century,architecture,Kambara

Just One Good Chair: 100th Anniversary of Hans Wegner

Designmuseum Danmark marks the 100-year anniversary of Hans Wegner with Just One Good Chair, opening on the 3rd of April 2014. I would love to see this exhibition but it is a little far away. “If only you could design just one good chair in your life . . . But you simply cannot.” Hans J. Wegner, 1952. He designed so many iconic chairs, all of this from one mind.

Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) was one of history’s most prolific designers. In 1949 he created the design that the Americans called ‘The Chair’. The perfect chair – but he continued designing new ones nonetheless, producing a total of over 500. He was referred to as ‘The King of Chairs’ – or just the ‘Chair Maker’. His furniture paved the way for Danish Design’s international breakthrough in the years after World War II, and he was to become a leading figure in Organic Modernism.

Hans Wegner,Danish,modern,teak,chair

Hans Wegner,Danish,modern,teak,chair

Mid century in New Canaan by James Evans

James Evans the architect responsible for this stunning mid century in New Canaan was a student of Louis Kahn. The unique hyperbolic paraboloid roof design is not something you see every day. The roof is so dramatic put pure in shape. The upper floor is nice and open although the floors and the cabinets aren’t doing anything for me, I guess that is personal taste. Could you image calling this structure home and pulling up to it every day after work? It could be your for a cool 2M.

mid century in new canaan,mcm,mid century

mid century in new canaan,mcm,mid century

Malone Maxwell Borson Architects

The modern white house by Malone Maxwell Borson Architects appears to be an older build but there isn’t any additional info that I can find on their site. The combination of white brick and the aluminum fame windows is a nice combo. The amount of windows create a dramatic pattern echoing the horizontal bricks. I don’t care for the interior choices so much but the structure is amazing.

Malone Maxwell Borson,mcm,mid century,architecture

Malone Maxwell Borson,mcm,mid century,architecture

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