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Tori Golub interiors

Tori Golub has some stunning interiors. The last time I posted about her designs was in 2011. I recently came across her work again and there are some interiors that are spot on. I really like the use of new and old pieces. Mid century mixed with contemporary is a flavor she does very well. The first room is, well… Perfect. The interiors are not over crowded and the individual pieces get the opportunity to “sing”.

modern interiors,interior design

modern interiors,interior design

Designer hotel in Warsaw, Poland

Auto Rooms is a designer hotel in Warsaw, Poland. The different material combination work so nicely together. The hotel was designed by creatives from different disciplines with the results telling the story of Polish culture and art. The vision was to create the perfect stay in Warsaw. I love the idea of the bathroom and shower being a room within a room. The light wood and glass box inside a dark room makes for a wonderful art installation.

modern hotel,designermotel,warsaw,poland

modern hotel,designermotel,warsaw,poland

Spot the Poul Kjærholm pieces

Poul Kjærholm is one of my favorite designers and when I saw this apartment I could only assume the owner has a thing for Poul’s designs as well. These interiors are beautifully curated as there are just enough elements to look at without getting overwhelmed. The first picture is, dare I say “picture perfect” the colors scale and textures are spot on. The colors are pretty masculine with a fairly strong void of bright colors. How many PK pieces can you spot?

modern design,mid century,interiors,mcm

modern design,mid century,interiors,mcm

Modern renovation by Thomas Winwood Architecture

This modern renovation by Thomas Winwood Architecture was based off the already mid century “flavored” two story 70’s structure. What they were able to accomplish is stunning. Everything was updated but done in a minimal approach as to not have it look to remodeled or updated. The interiors are furnished nicely so kudos to the owners, they have great taste. The stair way is very impressive, the large slab treads are a thing of beauty.

modern renovation,modern remodel,interiors

Thomas Winwood Architecture,modern renovation,modern remodel,interiors

Remastered Mid Century by Montalba Architects

This remastered mid century home by Montalba Architects is dare I say “how I would do it”. Constructed in 1967 by Mortimer J. Matthews the house already had some fantastic architectural elements that made for a perfect expansion. If you take the time to click over to the Montalba Architects website and read about this project I bet it will make you as happy as I was reading it. You get the idea that there was some meticulous planning evolved with this mid century renovation and expansion. The roof line, is amazing and has to be my favorite part of this house. You get a wonderful cross feeling of old and new, stunning.

mid century,renovation,remodel,mcm

mid century,renovation,remodel,mcm

Vanguard Way by Joshua Rice

The Vanguard Way project by Joshua Rice design is a wonderful example of a minimal color pallet. The walls, materials and other pieces are utilizing a nice black-white ratio while the art found through out the house ads the needed piece of color. The wood pieces, mostly the cabinets ad a nice amount of warmth into the place. I like the texture on the polished concrete floors, it ads a dimensionality to the surface of the floor. If you haven’t seen the work of Joshua Rice I suggest you take a moment and look through his projects.

Joshua Rice,modern design,interior design,modern

modern design,interior design,modern

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