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Modern objects by Collection Particuliere

Collection Particuliere has an impressive collection of modern objects and furniture. I appreciate the exploration of combining different materials. Natural stone in different types add a sense of heft to the objects and are used to anchor some. The SUMO coffee table caught my attention with the integration of two materials it is visually pleasing. I also like the embedded fruit bowl, the lattice work lets the viewer see what is in the bowl without having to look into it.

modern furniture,design,table,lighting

modern furniture,design,table,lighting

Mid century in Washington by Ibsen Nelson

This mid century in Washington by Ibsen Nelson is in a style all of its own. I don’t remember the last time I was taken back in a good way by the architecture of a mid century house. The exterior reminds me of a commercial building or even a museum, either way I love it. The openness is quite amazing as the clear story bounces light around the interior spaces. The house has been meticulously kept up by it owners and keeps most of its mid century roots. The home is currently on the market. When can I move in?

mid century, architecture,design, Ibsen Nelson

mid century, architecture,design, Ibsen Nelson

Harrison Street Townhouse by 1100 Architect

The Harrison Street Townhouse by 1100 Architect is a dream space full of amazing pieces. In 2005 the entire building went through a total transformation with the addition of this roof top expansion. This small glass box atop a black and white contemporary structure hosts some nice finishes. It looks as though quite a few walls are some type of rosewood, yes please! Travertine on the floors and lets not forget the bronze and glass staircase, breathtaking!

modern, architecture,new york

Harrison Street Townhouse,modern, architecture,new york

Modern design by TREKU

Modern design is a concept that I believe TREKU understands. I admire the clean lines and simple geometric shapes that make up the body of their furniture. For the most part I am partial to mid century design but I am drawn to these designs, especially the side boards both tall and low. The muted colors used are nice and the accent of color inside the boxes adds a nice signature element. I enjoyed looking through their website as they do a nice job and putting their pieces in real life images.

modern furniture,design,credenza,sideboard,TREKU

modern furniture,design,credenza,sideboard,TREKU

Architectural Masterpiece by Bruce Graham

This Architectural Masterpiece designed by Bruce Graham in 1968 is currently on the market. The home is a perfect understated balance of contemporary, pieces of mid century with a hint of craftsman. I have to say that the current owner/art collector has some pretty amazing taste. Even thought the home is considered contemporary, it has some hints of mid century. Maybe it is the color of the woods in the home mixed with the furnishings but it is so well balanced. Even the bathrooms are nice.

modern architecture, design, contemporary

Architectural Masterpiece,modern architecture, design, contemporary

Corten house by Pitsou Kedem Architects

The Corten house by Pitsou Kedem Architects has an abundance of amazing features but the obvious one is that metal checkerboard screen. The screen mixed with all of the glass walls and open structure creat a space that is ever changing with light and shadow. I love the upper level mezzanine and how it looks down over the large living area. The industrial feel of concrete, steel and glass come together quite nicely in this structure and create a stunning modern home.

modern architecture,house,design

modern architecture,house,design

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