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Modern steel and concrete

Modern steel and concrete house by McLaren Excell has so many beautiful raw surfaces and textures going on. The concrete work in this house is simply stunning. What are your opinions on concrete and this much of it? You take the weathered steel, concrete and all the natural woods make for one very beautiful house. It has a modern industrial look and feel but the precision and craftsmanship are what sets this project apart. I also like the juxtaposition of the new architecture mixed with the old.

modern steel and concrete

modern steel and concrete

Contemporary & Modern Furniture Defined

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what contemporary or modern furniture actually means and what it truly encompasses. The dictionary definition means to ‘follow the latest ideas’, which overlooks the design principle completely and fails to grasp the overall essence. In a nutshell – contemporary, modern furniture is anything made after the nineteenth century that incorporates modernist art influences and evolving simplistic designs. It also takes into account the use of space in which the furniture will be placed as well as the overall architectural design of a person’s home. All these aspects define contemporary furniture and good designers will consider this at every stage of the design process.


Key Differences between Modern Furniture and Other Furniture

As contemporary furniture began to gain momentum in the 50’s, the Museum of Modern Art in New York defined the trend into three core categories that now dictate modern furniture designs globally. These are Design, Materials and Philosophy


A modern Scandinavian apartment

This modern Scandinavian apartment in Hamburg Germany is a lovely palette of black white and wood tones. The one element that I like is the VIPP kitchen. I am always appreciated the sleek minimal approach to their design. The apartment also has some nice concrete beams running through the ceiling which is a bonus architectural element in my book. Most people aren’t really into this old school parquet wood flooring but it works nicely here. I would like to see some shaggy sheep skins or something a little more wooly around to give a little more warmth.


modern Scandinavian

Casa Laura by Felipe Hess

Casa Laura by Felipe Hess is just another wonderful example of the architecture that is produced by the firm. Based in São Paulo Brazil, there structures always meld with the landscape that the architecture occupies. The tropical feel of the lush landscape found around the grounds is a great connector to nature. The stone wall that runs the exterior and interior planes that bridge of inside and outside. I am quite fond of the mid century Brazilian designers and you can always find a few pieces in Hess’s projects. The sink in the bathroom, I think concrete, is a geometric marvel.



Donald Wexler for Palm Springs modern

Palm Springs modern and the name Donald Wexler goes hand in hand. I am sure most of you have heard his name a time or two. Wexler lived in the home with his family for 38 years. In 2008 Wexler assisted with a precise restoration. “The perfect house”, I haven’t said it to many times but I feel I could certainly proclaim it here. The house is currently on the market.

“This restoration – which he considered to be the final evolution of his aesthetic – was awarded MOD COM’s 2009 Preservation of the Year. A privacy wall surrounds the house and newly-landscaped grounds, by William Kopelk and Marcello Villano. The pedestrian gate opens to reveal a gem-like transparency of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and wide overhangs, all engendered by the post and beam construction. Taking cues from his mentor, Richard Neutra, Wexler “pinwheels” the floor plan so rooms open readily to the many terraces and salt-water pool.”

Palm Springs modern

Palm Springs modern

A modern Stockholm Apartment

A modern Stockholm Apartment is a smaller but well curated space. Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm and Hans Wagner are nicely represented throughout these interior spaces. The color palette is nice using one predominate color in the scheme of blues. The white washed, pickled or what ever you call it on the wood floor plank is very nice and adds volume to the space keeping them light colored like the walls.



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