I started following this modern house transformation back in 2010. This southern California house is now in its final stages as Justin is selling this amazing accomplishment. You can see what the home used to be and some of the progresses that were made here The little box that dreamed of modern and The little box that dreamed IS modern. Much of the work was done by himself, friends, and family. Reading through the new for sale site you definitely get a sense that every detail was thought out. Solar control, Solar photovoltaics, Solar hot water, Low-e storefront windows, Insulated building envelope, and EcoBatt insulation are just a few highlights that caught my attention. The last picture is where the house started out.

“Measuring 2,000 square feet, this austere, minimal home has three bedrooms, three baths, with sunny interiors and indoor-outdoor access points in nearly every room. Defining character features include a cantilevered roof to create living space out of thin air, sliding glass walls, white oak paneling, copious built-in cabinetry, and a striking wooden screen handcrafted by artist Miki Iwasaki.”

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Photography by Tomoko H. Matsubayashi