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Renovation and extension of a modernist house

This renovation and extension of a modernist house by UR architects is simplistic beauty. The house was initially conceived by architect Arthur Degeyter in the 1960’s. There are some obviously update rooms in the house but overall you still feel the legacy of the home. The original brick walls that move form the outside in, The wood slatted ceilings and walls go glass are just some of my favorite elements. The volumes or white and black parts of the house create a nice juxtaposition in color and volume.

extension of a modernist house,modern addition,mid century renovation,remodel

extension of a modernist house,modern addition,mid century renovation,remodel

Mid century apartment by Stirling & Gowan

This mid century apartment by Stirling & Gowan designed in the 50’s is a nice mid century living space on a smaller scale. I think design choices the owners have made are quite smart. I don’t typically like smaller spaces as I feel that part of mid century is openness but I will have to make an acceptation here. The yellow kitchen is a nice touch, I could imagine waking up every morning and walking into the kitchen “oh hi yellow kitchen” might even help wake you up. The apartment moves and flows nicely from the pictures.

mid century, apartment,midcentury,mcm

Mid century apartment,mid century, apartment,midcentury,mcm

Mid century rental Weaving House, Lakeland, Florida

This Mid century rental in Lakeland, Florida is a superb example of MCM. Most of us that are mid century fans would look at this house and say to ourselves “this is a rental?” or at let I did. It would definitely be a way for someone to experience the full effect of living in a “perfect” mid century house with amazing furnishings. “This home located in Lakeland Florida is part of the lesser known Sarasota School of mid-century architecture. Developed and founded by famed architects Paul Rudolph, Gene Leedy and Mark Hampton, they were the vanguard of a thriving east coast architectural movement that closely mirrored the Case Study projects on the west coast.”

Mid century rental,modern rental,mid century,Florida,MCM

modern rental,mid century,Florida,MCM

Villa S by Saunders Architecture

Saunders Architecture designed this beautiful dark cladded home in Bergen, Norway. The elevated portion of the home give the structure a dynamic floating feeling while provide additional functional outdoor space. The interiors done in mostly white are a great contrast the the almost all dark exterior. I have always been drawn to a geometric building block type of structure like this one. I also like that there are people enjoying the home in the pictures, its just the little things.

modern architecture,Norway

modern architecture,Norway

Coy Yiontis Architects

Coy Yiontis Architects a studio practicing in Prahran, Victoria Australia has a fantastic portfolio of projects. I love how, and I have noticed this in Australia more than other countries they keep the front of the homes traditional but the additions or remodels are modern and contemporary. I don’t know if this is because of codes and regulations or that is the thing to do. The juxtaposition is fantastic.

modern architecture,modern design,modern house

modern architecture,modern design,modern house

Art by Daniel Mochi

Daniel Mochi recently sent me link to his artwork. His technique shows a lot of energy, what type of energy can be interpreted by the viewer. The amount of color Daniel uses ads to the excitement and depth of his brush strokes. Any of these works would add a tremendous point of conversation. With some of his lines I almost get a tribal theme.

modern art,abstract art,artist

modern art,abstract art,artist

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