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Villa R by C.F. Møller

Whats not to love about Villa R by C.F. Møller. The daylight like basement was designed because of house size restrictions but it worked out great for this family that needed designated play ares for the kids. The front of the house could be mistaken as the back due to all of the glass windows which were an intentional design element to allow the owners full enjoyment of their surroundings. I appreciate the color palettes happening on the exteriors and interiors, well done!

modern Danish,architecture,house

modern Danish,architecture,house

Happy Holidays from Plastolux

From my family to yours, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday season. Thanks so much for being part of Plastolux.

plastolux,tyler goodro,goodro

plastolux,tyler goodro,goodro

To live is to sink roots. Life is possible only to the extent that you find a place hospitable enough to receive you and allow you to settle down. What follows is a sort of symbiosis: Just as you grow into the world, the world grows into you. Not only do you occupy a certain place, but that place, in turn, occupies you. Its culture shapes the way you see the world, its language informs the way you think, its customs structure you as a social being. Who you ultimately are is determined to an important degree by the vast web of entanglements of “home.”

The Wisdom Of The Exile
By Costica Bradatan

A living art gallery

This home and living art gallery was rescued and transformed into a space that could double as an art museum. The google translation was a little rough but from what I could gather, the owners have a pretty substantial collection of art and needed a space that could display it. For me, this home falls into the category of “dream space”. Wide open, glass and concrete can make for a beautiful structure such as this one. I could easily roam around the rooms of this home just as if I were at an art exhibition.

living art gallery,modern design,architecture

living art gallery,modern design,architecture

Danish teak chair restoration

A friend gave me this old weathered Horsnaes teak chair that was in pretty bad shape. So, here is my Danish teak chair restoration. This is my first attempt at doing something like this but hopefully I can share some tips with you that may help with your restoration.

Dansih teak chair restoration,danish teak,Hans Wegner,Kai Kristiansen,Arne Vodder,Niels Moller,Hans Olsen,Fritz Hansen,Denmark,Horsnaes
As you can see the chair was in really bad shape. It look as though it had been sitting outside and the cushions were covered in cat hair. A funny thing to note is that the back was on backwards.

Dansih teak chair restoration,danish teak,Hans Wegner,Kai Kristiansen,Arne Vodder,Niels Moller,Hans Olsen,Fritz Hansen,Denmark,Horsnaes
An original ad for the Horsnaes chair by S. A. Andersen.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and pleasant holiday season!

christmas plastolux

Eames upholstered shell chair restore

I have had these two yellow Eames fiberglass chairs by Herman Miller in my garage for over two years, it was time to do something with them. I did a lot of research about removing the foam and glue that was under the naugahyde. It seamed like there was a lot of mixed results when people attempted this, some said it was easy and others were reduced to using grinders and sanders to remove the old foam and glue from the fiberglass shell. I figured it was my turn to give it a try. click “READ MORE” to find out how I did.

eames fiberglass chair restore herman miller refinish

eames fiberglass chair restore herman miller refinish

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