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The artistry of Nate Hodges

Nate Hodges has a great sense of depth and layers when it comes to his abstracts. I can definitely see the influences of street art in his work. I feels to be a sort of deconstructionism or is it constructive? There is a tone of movement in his pieces. I get the sense that something is being build or assembled with many pieces coming together. They would look amazing in a home and would be a conversation starter. What do you see? How would you describe these?

modern art

Nate Hodges

Deconstructionism by Seth Benzel

Deconstructionism has been used to describe the work of Seth Benzel. The abstract shapes colors and design remind me of mid century brutalism. These pieces are amazing and would fit in a contemporary or mid century setting. The first piece “Red Muse” is intoxicating, you can sit and stare and see different scenarios and characters. Someone needs to pick that up, it is available.

Seth Benzel

Deconstructionism, Seth Benzel

Rhei – The Liquid Clock

Rhei – The Liquid Clock. Typically I don’t post about a single product but this piece of art is a stunning accomplishment. If you haven’t seen it yet you must watch the video. “Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display, and the result of a year long passion project, created by Damjan Stanković, executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlović and many other wonderful people.”

Liquid Clock


The art of Morgan Fink

I am very much drawn to the art work of Morgan Fink. I like the colors that are achieve by layering. The brush strokes are broad in nature and present a portion or shaded area. Its almost as if you could squint and see what she sees as she paints. I am not really into pet portraits but she does a fantastic job and does commissions through her Etsy site. I personally love the first three paintings, abstract landscapes if you will.

modern art,landscape,abstract

modern art,landscape,abstract

Great Art in Ugly Rooms by Paul Kremer

Great Art in Ugly Rooms by Paul Kremer is a cool concept. Art like this is usually viewed in a museum or a nicer home. Paul Kremer posed the question, what if? Do you think the surroundings of these pieces effects the impactfulslness of the art? Does it “muddy the message”? I personally think the surroundings of art most certainly does effect the piece. I wonder what a sculpture series would look like?

modern art,artist, museum,art,Paul Kremer

modern art,artist, museum,art,Paul Kremer

Prism by Inés Esnal

Prism by Inés Esnal is a breath taking string installation that utilizes both light and shadow. I have to be the first to admit I have never liked those nail and string art projects you see at the thrift stores. In no way does this resemble nail and string art. I am sure that the color that were to be used were heavily scrutinized as well.The light creates some amazing shapes that are geometrically highlighted through color and position, ya I love this.

modern art,instalation,string,geometric

Inés Esnal,modern art,instalation,string,geometric

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