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Michael Carson is an amazing talent. I was instantly enthralled with his work. I love that the figures have a slight blur or undefined edges giving the view an opportunity to use their imagination just a little more than enjoying the story. The opaque qualities of some of his brush strokes offer a sense of depth and act as an artists stylistic signature. I can easily picture one of these pieces being the focal point in a room.

MICHAEL CARSON,modern art, abstarct painting, realism,artist

modern art, abstarct painting, realism,artist

The art of Stephen Ormandy

Stephen Ormandy was the name that came up when I came across a stunning painting on instagram. Stephen’s work has to be some of my favorite. His paintings are simple in shape and color but there is complexity, the shapes interaction with one another create an unsaid complexity that one has to find. His sculptures are an outstanding exploration of fluid continuous movement. I love the exploration of materials in his sculpture as well.

Stephen Ormandy,modern art,abstract,sculpture

modern art,abstract,sculpture

The realism of Danny Heller

The art work of Danny Heller invokes a sense of realism but make no mistake you are not looking at a series of photographs. Not only are these paintings done with a keen eye and almost exact precision, the subject matter is one that is close to my heart, wow that sounded sappy. “Primarily focusing on the nation’s mid-century identity, I play with lighting, dramatic angles, and specific colors to form engaging paintings that capture architectural elements.” These mid century scenes are iconic in all of our minds. Make sure to visit his site, pick up a couple of Giclee prints.

mid century,art,artist,mcm,midcentury

mid century,art,artist,mcm,midcentury

Artist Nicolas de Staël

I happened to come across a painting by Nicolas de Staël and was instantly intrigued. His heavy handed strokes and thick applications create scenes that invite the viewer to use their imagination to fill in the rest of the story. When I look at his works, they ring true to a style that my mind immediately associates with mid century. You have to give Nicolas de Staël some credit on the hair.

mid century,artist,painting
© Denise Colomb / Réunion des Musées Nationaux Via

mid century,artist,painting
The Football Match Via

Abstract Paintings by Artist Boski Sztuka

These abstract Paintings by Artist Boski Sztuka are inspired by the stylings of some mid century artists but I feel that Boski has an amazing style all his own. “Butch” as he is called by his friends has created some landscapes that are so full of color, texture and shape one could see something new every day. This sampling of images is just a handful of his work. I want to know where we can buy some of these works.

“I don’t call myself an artist. That designation seems best assigned by academics, critics, and marketing departments. I’m a craftsman. A proud craftsman who makes things out of paint and canvas. I happen to think that they’re decorative things, and it’s turned out that at least a few other people think so, too.”

Abstract Paintings,modern art,artist,abstract,color

Abstract Paintings,modern art,artist,abstract,color

The Art of Clara Adolphs

Artist Clara Adolphs has a very distinct style that could be described as rough, blocked, heavy or maybe amazing. I personally love the heavy painted strokes that define the figures and settings in her work. I also find it interesting that she uses the raw color and texture of the canvas to help communicate the concept. I haven’t seen her entire body of work but these pieces have a retro vibe, muted colors and of course the subject matter.

Clara Adolphs,modern art,painting,artist, Adolphs

Clara Adolphs,modern art,painting,artist, Adolphs

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