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Increase Home Value With Home Appliances

A house isn’t a home until it is filled with art, furniture and quality appliances. Home appliances don’t only make our lives easier, they can also be used to add a sense of elegance and improve ambiance. With so many makes, models and styles to choose from it can be difficult to know what will be best for your needs. We take a look at several home appliances that every homeowner should have in their house and explain how they can add value onto your property.

Coffee Maker


Make mornings a little easier with a high quality coffeemaker. These machines are able to whizz up your favourite hot drinks within a matter of minutes using fresh coffee beans. Choose a coffee machine that complements the decor of your kitchen for the best results. Just the presence of a quality coffee making machine may be enough to increase the value of your home as it is a sign to potential buyers that the house is homely and livable.


Lets face it – no one likes doing the dishes. A high-tech dishwasher will be able to clean your dishes and cutlery and give them that shine without you having to do the dirty work. Dishwashers work best when they are built into the kitchen units and hidden with a door that matches the rest of the cupboards.

Washing Machine and Dryer

A washing machine and dryer are also another essential appliance that every homeowner should have. No matter how much free space you have in your home you can always find an appliance that will fit well in your property; if you are particularly strapped for space then you can even purchase a joint washing machine tumble dryer. Washing machines and dryers will be certain to add some value onto your home as they are a convenient and efficient way to wash clothes.


There are a number of newer refrigerators that will be able to increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. For modern homes with that design edge, choose a glass fronted refrigerator which lets you quickly view what food you have without having to open the door. Things like filtered water and glass ice dispensers will also help to add value onto your home.


These are just a few of the many appliances that can bump up the value of your home. You may also want to consider installing air conditioning units, heaters and slow cookers into your property. Good luck!

Modern simplicity by Fort Standard

Modern simplicity if found throughout the works of Fort Standard. There is simplicity not only in the materials used but also in the shapes and construction. Form does meet function as the forms are exact and minimal while the functions are clear. Brass, stone, wood and marble are beautiful in their own natural state and Fort Standard utilizes that beauty wonderfully.

modern simplicity, minimal,fort standard, modern furniture

modern simplicity, minimal,fort standard, modern furniture

Minimal wood objects by Silvia Song

Silvia Song has an amazing talent with wood and respecting its natural properties. The simplistic shapes allow for the wood patterns to act like an intricate painted pattern. I love the ebony bowls, the dark color goes beyond the surface. I love the indigo dipped bowls, I would have never thought to do that. The plates and knives are amazing. I tried turning a bowl once, just once. Silvia is truly an artist.

silvia song,modern wood,sculpture,bowl

silvia song,modern wood,sculpture,bowl

Glass Art by Anna Torfs

Some of you may know that I have a soft spot for Murano glass so when I saw the glass Art by Anna Torfs, I was enchanted right away. I love the precision and exactness that her work incorporates. The clear polished edges giver her pieces depth so you can look into the work and see other amazing colors. The almost non translucent bowls are so cool. The pieces can take and manipulate light in such wonderful ways. Amazing work!

glass art, Anna Torfs,Sculptor,art

glass art, Anna Torfs,Sculptor,art

Modern concrete design by Cody Carpenter

Cody Carpenter recently sent me an email about his modern concrete design. I sort of disregarded it because I haven’t seen anything lately that has really stood out, not like I am scouring the web looking for concrete projects. When I looked through the images that Cody sent I was pretty impressed, there are some very cool designs here. I haven’t seen anything like that manta ray looking sink. I really like the integration of functionality in his work. There are thoughts that work past the initial need. The counter continuing into the shower, knife holders, drain racks and so much more. Keep up the great work Cody!

modern concrete design,cody carpenter,concrete sink,custom

modern concrete design,cody carpenter,concrete sink,custom

Modern stone by Kim HyunJoo

These modern stone designs by Kim HyunJoo are simple and beautiful. Her minimal approach to the objects she creates is stunning. I like so many of her pieces but the one that stood out to me was the Seoul Tray. The shape is elegant the topographic like lines on the interior of the tray ads an interesting texture while holding its content steady.

South Korean designer Kim HyunJoo was born in Seoul in 1980. As an industrial designer and a service design consultant, Kim HyunJoo has worked with Calvin Klein NY, Westin Chosun Hotel, GCS Stone, SK group, KOLON, F.Guzzini, and previously worked in Giovannoni Design Studio in Milan, 2007. Her design style is inspired by nature and natural materials, with an emphasis on oriental aesthetics, and her work has been exhibited at Milan Furniture fair 2014, German Paper world 2014, Maison-objet 2013, and numerous Korean exhibitions.

modern stone, kim hyunjoo,design

modern stone, kim hyunjoo,design

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