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The artwork of Brent Comber

Brent Comber is a wood artist that make some beautiful furniture with a massive presence. Some of his pieces carry a feel of mass and establish themselves in a room while some of his furniture is elegant and strongly proportioned. I love the texture or shattered wall that is happening in the one picture. The black massive stumps sitting in a forest are such an amazing spectacle. Make sure to visit his site to look through this talented mans body of work.

modern wood,furniture,artist

Brent Comber,modern wood,furniture,artist

Design by Norm Architects

Design by Norm Architects describes their approach to everything not just interiors and structures. Norm Architects has a pretty nice lineup of products that have a minimal modern approach capping it off with functionality. The STAND and FELT bathroom lines remind me of the architectural pottery with their iron or wood cradles. The flip around side tables are nice as well. These are only a few pieces that caught my eye, there are plenty more to look at on their site.

modern design,minimal design, Norm Architects

modern design,minimal design, Norm Architects

K-1 stationery kit

The K-1 stationery kit designed by Maxim Scherbakov. K-1 means “Konstruktor-1″. The name was inspired by Soviet construction toys. I like that a toy can also create a functional pieces of organization for your desktop. In a way I see them as logos for big kids. This idea has so many possibilities with so many material choices. I do know that if I had one of these on my desk it could be some what of a distraction. It would be cool to make a different structure everyday for a year and then make a movie from it.

modern toys,blocks,Maxim Scherbakov

stationery kit,modern toys,blocks,Maxim Scherbakov

Inside Bitossi Ceramiche

Bitossi is a household name if you are into mid century modern or Italian ceramics. I recently came across an article over at invasioni. They have some amazing images of the factory where it all started. It looks as thought many things have not changed. The styling and designs have changed but the process looks to be the same. I love seeing the shelves full of different styles. The shelves remain me of a history or catalogue, what I wouldn’t give to wonder through or have a tour of this historic facility.

italian ceramics, bitoss,mid century modern

italian ceramics, bitoss,mid century modern

Ceramics by Thomas Bohle

Thomas Bohle is an extremely talented ceramicist and artist. I can’t remember how I came across his work but I glad I did. The precision and exactness creates a minimalist silhouette only to reveal some amazing details in texture and execution. The drip glaze looks like it is alive and still moving but gladly frozen in time. I love the combination of matte and gloss, it is a perfect juxtaposition of textures.



Modern HiFi by Scott and Debra Salyer

I typically don’t post a lot of modern HiFi here on Plastolux but there was something about this piece that I really liked. The Wren HiFi M1 Console represents a type of rebirth or reinvented console from the past. I like the combination of materials, the black white and wood work so well together. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into one of these units. This updated design has all of the modern audio features that we use today. There is a long list of features that I will not post here so make sure to jump over to their site if you are a audio junkie.

modern stereo, hifi,

Modern HiFi,modern stereo, hifi,

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