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Mid century revival near Stoke Poges

This mid century revival near Stoke Poges is a beautiful example of iconic mid century architecture. Unfortunately the architect is unknown, The house was originally designed for a pharmaceuticals executive and his American wife, the house was designed to replicate a home that they owned in Malibu, California, which is the last image or sketch. The impressive beams run all the way through the house, almost like a rib webwork. I like the low slung flat roofed house with its minimal approach.

mid century, architecture,design,mcm

mid century, architecture,design,mcm

Mid century renovation in Melbourne

This mid century renovation in Melbourne originally designed by Linton Reynolds of Woodfull & Reynolds in 1963 has been kept relatively true to form. I get excited when I see homes like this because they have stood the test of time. All they need is little attention and love and they will last another test. The courtyard is one of my favorite design elements of mid century architecture. The clear story windows do a great job at letting light fill the interior spaces. I have to say it but I think I would have gone with another wood in the kitchen besides oak but just my personal taste.

mid century house,architecture,Woodfull & Reynolds,renovation

Mid century renovation,mid century house,architecture,Woodfull & Reynolds,renovation

Torquay House by Wolveridge Architects

Wolveridge Architects has a great body of work but the Torquay House stood out to me. The combination of materials on the exterior are what first grabbed my eyes. Maybe it is just stucco but reminds me of concrete and the vertical wood slats work so well together. The landscaping being as minimal as it is really lets the structure stand out. The pool looks quite inviting, would be good right about now with all of the heat going on around my neck of the woods.

modern architecture,architecture,design

modern architecture,architecture,design

A Bauhaus Oasis in the City

This Bauhaus oasis in the city is quite the little jewel box in the Washington DC neighborhood of Kent. The house was designed in 1961 by prominent Washington architects Leon Brown and Thomas Wright. I love how the entire back of the house is completely transparent. The extruding beams that come out over the front of the house are a nice architecture touch while also adding some shade with the horizontal slats. The recent renovation was nicely done and not to contemporary. I would love to see a little more mid century furniture but that is just my taste.

mid century,mcm,modernist,Washington DC

mid century,mcm,modernist,Washington DC

Lookout House by Room 11

The Lookout House by Room 11 is a play on the farmhouse typology. The shape of the house with its extruded roof line creates a dramatic deck and living space. The entire shape of the home reminds me of a crown with three points. The color palette and material choice, to me, has a Scandinavian feel. The floors are beautiful, polished concrete or Terrazzo? The home feels so serene and peaceful, like a place I could get away from it all.

modern architecture,house design

Lookout House,modern architecture,house design

Modern industrial Sawmill House by Archier

Modern industrial was the first idea that came to mind after seeing the Sawmill House by Archier. Concrete, wood and steel were used in this minimal modern house. 270 one ton concrete blocks create a connection with the earth around it. The home is really one huge open room and when I say open, I mean open. There is a link at the bottom of this post to a video that shows how one entire wall opens blurring the indoor and outdoor lines. Not only does the wall open up, so does the roof. All of the mechanics of this house were custom made, nothing was “off the shelf”. I love the horizontal ceiling boards, they elongate the entire house. The brass in the kitchen is amazing.



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