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Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds

The Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds is a great exercise in juxtaposition. I am sure the “barn” label comes from the weathered wood on the exterior. I think it was a brilliant move as the wood is a complete opposite to the structure. The interiors are nice as well but I think I would have to spread a little vintage throughout the spaces. All of the aluminum framed windows are nice and ad another dimension.

zen barn, modern architecture,design

zen barn, modern architecture,design

Mid Century in Dallas by Harold Prinz

This amazing Mid Century in Dallas by Harold Prinz has been preserved by its current owners. Dallas Morning News ran an article on this home. “Designed by Dallas architects Harold Prinz and LaVere Brooks of the firm Prinz and Brooks and located in north Oak Cliff, the Hayes house has all the hallmarks of a dramatic midcentury contemporary: a long, low-pitched roof, broad expanses of uninterrupted brick wall, decorative grille work and a front door so downplayed it’s almost hard to find.” Everything about this house is just about perfect, from the built-ins to the architecture, it is truly unique.

mid century in dallas,midcentury,architecture

mid century in dallas,midcentury,architecture

The Kambara Residence Richard Neutra

The Kambara Residence by Richard Neutra hits the market for the very first time. There has been only one owner and the house was kept all original. There were eight or so of these colony houses at Silver Lake California. The name conveys that these homes were similar in style and construction but to the contrary they were separate and individual. Neutra believed that the well being of a person was directly linked to their home. Not that I have that sort of money but 2.3M seams pretty reasonable for such and amazing pice of architecture.

richard neutra,mcm,mid century,architecture,Kambara

richard neutra,mcm,mid century,architecture,Kambara

Mid century in New Canaan by James Evans

James Evans the architect responsible for this stunning mid century in New Canaan was a student of Louis Kahn. The unique hyperbolic paraboloid roof design is not something you see every day. The roof is so dramatic put pure in shape. The upper floor is nice and open although the floors and the cabinets aren’t doing anything for me, I guess that is personal taste. Could you image calling this structure home and pulling up to it every day after work? It could be your for a cool 2M.

mid century in new canaan,mcm,mid century

mid century in new canaan,mcm,mid century

Malone Maxwell Borson Architects

The modern white house by Malone Maxwell Borson Architects appears to be an older build but there isn’t any additional info that I can find on their site. The combination of white brick and the aluminum fame windows is a nice combo. The amount of windows create a dramatic pattern echoing the horizontal bricks. I don’t care for the interior choices so much but the structure is amazing.

Malone Maxwell Borson,mcm,mid century,architecture

Malone Maxwell Borson,mcm,mid century,architecture

The Importance of Apartment Curb Appeal

Guest Post by Yoriko Thomas

Homeowners and homebuyers talk at length about the importance of curb appeal when people are looking to buy or sell a home. The first impression a potential buyer gets of the house is the view from the street, and if a house doesn’t look inviting or stylish from the front walkway, it’s unlikely to net as much as the sellers want.

While you might not hear about it when it comes to apartment complexes, curb appeal is just as important — if not more so. Apartment complex managers are not looking to sell their property just once, like home sellers, but dozens if not hundreds of times, even within the same few months.

The way an apartment looks from the outside is crucial in getting potential renters to stop and take a look at available units. If the grass between your units is dying and riddled with weeds, or if your parking lot is crumbling to bits and filled with trash, you’re losing out on valuable lessees with money to spend. Here’s how to make sure your apartment complex has the curb appeal it needs to attract the top tenants.


Make Your Landscaping Pop

You could have granite countertops and walk-in closets in your apartments, but no one will stop to find out if your complex is surrounded by a grubby dirt lot. Even if you made sure to landscape when you bought the property 20 years ago, your plants might have died or become overgrown, or maybe the designs have just become outdated and unappealing to new renters.

While it is a step in the right direction to lay down grass beds and pull up weeds, there are a few more cost-effective ways to make your landscaping look appealing. Strategically placed color adds life to a dreary landscape, so plant flowers and other colorful plants around your property. You can coordinate your flowers with your apartment’s color scheme or even with the season or holiday.
You can also spruce up your landscaping by adding upgraded signage and practical landscaping features, like new shiny cluster mailboxes. These details may seem minor, but they could date your complex and detract from its appearance. If your landscaping is creative and modern, you’ll pull in more applications.

Light Up the Night

Apartment hunting doesn’t always stop when the sun goes down. You can draw attention to your complex at night by adding attractive outdoor lights. However, you must be careful to create the ideal balance between light and dark. While no one is going to notice a pitch-black apartment complex, an overly bright housing area creates problems for tenants that most applicants want to avoid.

The biggest mistake is not using enough fixtures and creating too many dark spaces. Don’t limit lights to entrances; instead, highlight your interesting landscaping features with lighting and create visual interest with some cut-ins. Not only does lighting look attractive, but it speaks to the safety and security of your complex as well. With the right balance of illumination, you’ll create a stunning and memorable atmosphere.

Repave and Reap the Benefits

One of the biggest eyesores an apartment complex can have is an old parking lot. While parking lots can be expensive to update, they are a crucial part of most complexes, and their health factors strongly into a potential tenant’s decision. Most renters don’t want to pay rent to a complex that isn’t looking after the safety of their vehicles.

If your lot has potholes, cracks, a crumbling surface, or disappearing lines, it’s time to stop deferring and start repaving. The look of a fresh driveway and parking lot is as powerful as the most modern of architecture, and the faster you address paving problems when they appear, the longer you’ll have to wait between serious repaving projects. During the repaving, you’ll even have the opportunity to add other attractive features like covered parking or paver stones to give your lot an upgraded look.

If you aren’t updating your apartment complex’s exterior features every few years, you are likely missing out on rent payments. Even a coat of fresh paint on the complex’s exteriors is enough to liven up a dreary space. Be creative and unique in your landscaping and lighting, and make sure the essential aspects of your outdoor space are kept up to code. The curb appeal of your complex brings in more than rent, and it will pay off in the long run if you keep it up.

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