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Mid Century in Malibu

Mid Century in Malibu designed by Craig Ellwood in 1956, in association with Jerrold E. Lomax. If you love mid century then you have probably seen this amazing home or at least an image or two. Richard Powers is the talent behind these amazing photographs and he is no stranger here at Plastolux. Not only is the home stunning but the collection of mid century furnishings are impeccable. I love the different textures found throughout the house, brick, cork and wood horizontal slatted ceilings make this home simple but complex.

mid century, architecture,California,Craig Ellwood

Mid Century in Malibu,mid century, architecture,California,Craig Ellwood

Mid century in Illinois

Another amazing house for sale, this mid century in Illinois hosts an amazing collection. From the street you would never know what was waiting on the inside. Obviously the owners are collectors and have great taste. They also know how to showcase their passion. The house was built in 1958 and there is no mention of architect but for the price, I bet it gets snatched up rather quickly. The kitchen has some great cabinets.

mid century for sale,mcm,

mid century for sale,mcm,

Mid century in Minnesota by Ralph Rapson

If you are looking for a Mid century in Minnesota this may be perfect. I dream of finding such a well kept and cared for mid century gem like this one. Designed in 1958 by Ralph Rapson. The listing refers to the style of the home as international but I certainly see all of the influences of mid century. The floors appear to be Terrazzo and are stunning. I am certainly a sucker for white brick, walls of glass and a flat roof. The current owner has some great taste, and matches the home.

mid century,architecture,mcm, Ralph Rapson

mid century,architecture,mcm, Ralph Rapson

Pear Tree House by Edgley Design

The Pear Tree House by Edgley Design is a beautiful example of modern architecture. There is a strong movement of vertical lines both on the interiors and exteriors. I love the light wood support on the exterior, they stand out nicely again the darker portions.The staircase is quite stunning, the glass barrier provides the feeling of and unrestrained openness. Finally, I love the tree growing right out of the middle of the courtyard. I appreciate the fact they built around the tree.

modern architecture,design

modern architecture,design

Modern in Moscow

Modern in Moscow or the Python House by Panacom is a marvelous piece of architecture. If you know me by now, you know I was severely distracted by all of the amazing mid century Danish pieces found throughout the interiors. There are so many textures, colors and finishes found in this home, make me want to visit so I can examine all the details. The first picture I assume is the office or den sporting that amazing rosewood wall unit along with everything else perfect in the room. Truly a fantastic piece of art inside and out.

Modern in Moscow,modern architecture,Danish,design,Moscow

modern architecture,Danish,design,Moscow

Vibrant colors in modern architecture

Vibrant colors in modern architecture is a design element that architect David Adjaye certainly implemented while designing this home. So maybe the architecture itself isn’t vibrant colors but once you go inside it is a funhouse for the eyes. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a purple kitchen before but I sort of like it. The art and furniture are also providing some color stimulation on the interiors. This was an old three story red brick structure when the project was started but now it is an open space light filled modern home.

modern architecture,design,David Adjaye

Vibrant colors in modern architecture,modern architecture,design,David Adjaye

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