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Landscape architecture by DLANDstudio

Landscape architecture is a more definitive description than landscaping when it comes to the work of DLANDstudio. September is here and I guess it is finally sinking in that I did not do anything to the yard like I had wanted to. Looking through the works of DLANDstudio make me want to get out there and get something done. I like the landscaping that has large areas of smaller pebbles with pavers and section of moss, that look has always been appealing to me.

Landscape architecture,modern landscaping,landscaping design

modern landscaping,landscaping design

Landscape Architecture by Mark Tessier

This amazing landscape architecture by Mark Tessier is a great source of inspiration and ideas when it comes time to landscape your house. It looks like another summer may pass me by without any yard work getting done. Mark Tessier does a great job at creating both organic modern and controlled modern landscapes that are modern invert way. There are some projects where both styles are present and work well together. Does anyone have any big landscape plans for their yard this year? I do but who knows when I will find time to get to them.

landscaping,modern,design,mark tessier

Landscape Architecture,landscaping,modern,design,mark tessier

Landscape Architecture by Paul Sangha

Landscape architecture is one way to describe the work of Paul Sangha. I could think of all sorts of adjectives that would only brush the surface in describing this amazing talent. I seriously looked through every project including the archives. If you want to visit a site that is packed full of amazing examples of modern landscaping please click on over. The geometric retaining wall in the second pic is mind bending, I want to surround my house with that sculpture. I also have a hard time wrapping my mind around the time and planning that goes into one of these projects. BRAVO!

modern landscaping,landscape design,modern architecture landscape

modern landscaping,landscape design,modern architecture landscape

A Modern landscape by Falling Waters

I have featured Falling Waters before but I cam across them again and feel in love with the Palmitas House and it’s modern landscape. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer and spring feels like it is just around the corner, I have been looking at my yard. There are so many things I want to do. Unfortunately I am always drawn to plants that I can’t have in my zone. If I had this yard I would spending plant of time outside.

modern landscaping,landscape design,modern

modern landscaping,landscape design,modern

Japanese gardens by Marc Peter Keane

I have always loved Japanese gardens. Marc Peter Keane has studied the minimal design of Japanese landscaping and was the first to have a working visa in Japan for landscape architecture. I love the organic yet designed gardens. I don’t know that I personally could keep up such a meticulous exterior garden if it were my home. The moss or ground cover in clumps or different formations is an element that always captures my attention.

marc peter keane, Japanese Gardens, modern landscaping

marc peter keane, Japanese Gardens, modern landscaping

Dresner Residence – Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture has been featured here on Plastolux many times but I haven’t seen the Dresner Residence before. I would really like to see the inside but the outside is quite a work of art. The large sculpture made from steel beams is amazing and it almost serves as a privacy fence as well. The scale of the art pieces in the courtyard or huge which make them that much more interesting to study.

landscape architecture,modern landscaping,Andrea Cochran

landscape architecture,modern landscaping,Andrea Cochran

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