Ceramicist Julie Nelson has her own way of taking a living thing and making them alive in another form. I first came across her work in the form of an almost cubist style human hand. Her series of human hands is probably my favorite. Most of use our hands to communicate at some level and for some it is their voice. Each hand looks to be expressing or communicating a different felling or emotion that can be interpreted by the individual viewing the pieces. Her flock or series of birds are nice with their simplicity of shape mixed with a flock mentality create a larger scale experience.

“Her work focuses on the elemental and she crafts in a series often displaying objects in groups that interrelate. In her previous incarnation, Julie designed and produced a collection of organic, ceramic, sculptural lamps which have been commissioned, published and featured across the globe, including the International Design Yearbook, edited by Ingo Maurer. “

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