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My latest Modern DIY came from pure curiosity. I had read about cutting glass bottles on different sites and forums and thought that could be pretty fun. I live in a area where there are a lot of wineries so that means there has to be plenty of wine bottles laying around. I personally don’t drink wine but was easily able to get my hands on some. I was also able to pick up a Ephrems Old Time Bottle Cutting Kit on eBay. Get some of the tips and tricks I learned on the way after the jump.

modern diy glass, Cutting glass bottles, wine art

modern diy glass, Cutting glass bottles, wine art

modern diy glass cutting bottle wine art

The directions that come with the kit are pretty strait forward. But there are a few tips I learned on the way.
While making your score on the glass roll the bottle towards you and only go around once. If you go over your score a second time you may make pathways for the glass to run during the heating and cooling processes.
The directions say to run an ice cube around the heated score, I found dunking the bottle vertically in ice water worked much better because it made the glass separate all at once instead of following your score with an ice cube.
modern diy glass cutting bottle wine art

Now that you have a cut bottle you have to deal with the sharp edges. The kit supplies a small amount of polishing grit which took way too long. I simply took my palm sander with a little water and wet sanded the lip. After I cut a few bottles I thought, “anyone could do this”. I have access to a sand blaster so I had some patterns cut at my local vinyl shop applied them and then sand blasted the bottle and got these beautiful raised translucent shapes.

modern diy glass cutting bottle wine art
I really don’t see these being used for drinking glasses. I see them more being used for pen holders or maybe in the bathroom holding your toothbrushes. Anyway I ended up with quite a few of these so I decided to throw them up on an Etsy shop if anyone wants to snag one.

modern diy glass cutting bottle wine art

modern diy glass cutting bottle wine art
Photos by Kim Fetrow


  • Donald

    Sweet! I’m a sucker for all type Swiss.

  • ModFruGal

    Great job!!! The sandblasting is such a nice touch. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now…thanks for the tips!

  • Jeff

    Pretty sweet. really dig etched glass.

  • creede

    Really nice work Tyler. I hope you have plans on making another run. Something tells me there will be some interest.

  • Tyler

    creede, I do have a batch of about 20 more in the works

  • Morgan

    I’m wondering what the cost is to get vinyl stencils cut?

  • Tyler

    Morgan, the one place I went to was $32 a square foot but I also got a thicker vinyl to withstand the sand blasting

  • Marc

    Did you try acid etching? You can use the thinner stencil, but the cut/ethc won’t be as deep as blasting.

  • Tyler

    Marc, I didn’t try the acid etching because I knew it would not produce the effect I wanted.

  • Sandra

    How neat is this! I was just browsing for some mid-century modern design ideas and came across your post. Ephrem – the inventor of the original Ephrem’s bottle cutter – is my father-in-law. He still makes them. And he’s the nicest man you could ever meet.

    I will show him the pics of your glasses. He’ll love them!


  • Tyler

    Sandra, that is very cool. Has he improved the cutter any? I would love to see a newer model that could accommodate longer bottle lengths.

  • Sandra
  • Anne Alexander Sieder

    great idea! The sandblasted bottles (cut or not) would also make a phenomenal chandelier all bunched together at varying lengths. I’d love to see them with different width stripes.

  • Tiberia

    I have bottles.

  • Tyler

    Tiberia, thanks but I have more than I know what to do with right now.

  • Wendy

    I LOVE the skull and crossbones one. Be great to serve drinks in at Halloween. :) There is a lot of creative potential with a bottle cutter. Think outside the bottle. 😉

  • Laura

    These are really cool. Have you seen the ones where you set the top of the bottle into the bottom to make a growbottle?

  • Tyler

    Laura, I have seen those, very clever. We just moved into a new house and I am getting set up for some other things with cutting bottles, think lighting.

  • Samantha

    If you have access to a small kiln (or even medium size) I’ve found “fire polishing” the cut bottle rounds the lip and makes it better for drinking out of than using the grit, but that certainly isn’t as DIY as the grit since most people will not have access to a kiln.

  • thezenofmaking

    I’m jealous of your amazing cutting-in-a-straight-line skills! Sadly, I have quite the collection of sad, lopsided glasses.

  • Tyler

    thezenofmaking, THANKS! the tool makes it pretty easy

  • Tyler

    Samantha, I totally agree, sadly I don’t have access to a kiln.

  • cheryl

    these are so great…why wouldn’t you drink out of them?

  • Tyler

    cheryl, they don’t hold enough liquid 😉

  • Sunny

    During the sanding process how do you prevent inhaling a bunch of glass?

  • Tyler

    Sunny, It is always a good idea to wear a mask. I keep all of the surfaces wet, I run a small stream of water across the edge of the glass and the surface of the sander. Don’t go too nuts with the water or you will electrocute yourself :)

  • Adrian

    They look nice, the one with cross would look very nice if it was on red glass.

  • Kelly

    Now I know what I can do with all of my wine bottles! How fun! Thank you!

  • Something Handmade

    That’s great! I’ve been looking for such kit for very long time.
    Any ideas where I can find it?
    Very nice results!

  • Tyler

    Something Handmade, I found the kit on eBay

  • Glew

    What kind of sandpaper did you use?

  • Tyler

    Glew, I used a handheld sander with a really fine sand paper, nothing special.

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