This Eichler remodel by Building Lab is nice and not to contemporary. I like the scale of this house. I think by keeping things clean and in a similar color palette the interior spaces feel more open and larger than they are. The walnut wood accent walls are a reach to what was. In many of these homes there was wood paneling on the interior walls. The landscaping is beautifully done and only ads to the “quality” of the property.



“In conjunction to the porous programmatic kitchen block as a connective element, the walls along the main corridor add to the sense of bringing outside in. The fin wall adjacent to entry has been detailed to have the siding slip past the glass, while the living, kitchen and dining room are all connected by a walnut veneer feature wall running the length of the house. The wall also echos the lush surroundings of Lucas Valley as well as the original mahogany plywood panels used within Eichlers.”

Eichler remodel


Eichler remodel