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Sorry about the lack of post today, I was working on these last night. More to come.

eames, herman miller, fiberglass,foam,glue

eames, herman miller, fiberglass,foam,glue

P.S. there was some powder coat involved as well.


  • Dana@Mid2Mod

    Can’t wait to see the outcome. I had a yellow one exactly like that, with some very minor separation in the same place. I just sold it a couple of months ago. I always wondered how difficult it would be to get that glued-down foam and upholstery off. I guess you’re going to show us. :)

  • Tyler

    Dana, I just finished taking all of the foam and glue off, went pretty easy but I will do a full story soon.

  • Chris

    I just recently went through this. I expect that you will show me some genius way to remove that foam and I will want to slam my head against my keyboard. I haven’t used the penetrol yet so I’m interested to see how the powder coating is utilized. Non-chrome part of the base? or shell? Looking forward to the update.

  • Tyler

    Chris, I don’t know if it’s genius but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

  • mike

    I was thinking about tackling this on a couple of mine in the future, excited to see your experience with it!

  • Linda

    Chair restoration aside, I love these close up pics. The look like modern landscape paintings.

  • Eric

    I just picked up a chair that needs to be redone like this. I’ll wait to see how you did it before attempting it on my own. :)

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