I received an email form a Diana who needs our help. I know all of you out there are very resourceful so let’s help a fellow modernist out. Diana has included a pic, hopefully when she finds her sectional we will get to see pictures of the whole house, it looks amazing.

We recently redid our home south of San Francisco. We did a modern home in a not modern neighborhood or city so definitely ground breaking for our town. We are really pleased with the result and it has been interesting to see people’s reactions when they come for a visit – “wow, this is really different, but I like it!” Anyway, back to my question. We have an empty living room except for two Swedish modern lounge chairs I got off of Craigslist. I am looking for a comfortable/functional, modern sectional sofa. I feel like I have looked most places – CB2, EQ, West Elm aren’t quite the quality I am looking for but DRW etc. are too pricey.

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