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I know for most of you, these house updates are pretty boring compared to what we usually see on plastolux but I am thinking there has to be people out in the same situation as myself that really want a modern feeling home on a tract house budget. This post will cover the cabinets, counter tops and flooring.

modern house tract house plastolux
We got a great deal on this Orbit Chandelier Designed by Patrick Townsend. It will go on the entry way (see pic #8)

modern house tract house plastolux
We are doing a charcoal laminate floor from I know laminate is hardwoods ugly step brother but this is really thick and fits the budget perfectly.

modern house tract house plastolux
This is looking from the family room into my den/office. I plan on doing some sort of sliding barn door treatment here.

modern house tract house plastolux
We were lucky enough that Vicking homes had a gray washed maple cabinet as an option. It was a small upgrade but we really like it. The counter tops will be this white quartz which I can’t wait to drool all over.

modern house tract house plastolux
Actual sample of cabinet and quartz counter top

modern house tract house plastolux
In the kitchen, bathroom and pantry on the lower level we are putting in 12×24 tiles. They are quite a bit darker than the cabinets.

modern house tract house plastolux
Master bedroom

modern house tract house plastolux
Top of stairs landing. All of upper level will be a medium gray carpet except for in the bathrooms.


  • ModFruGal

    I have the white quartz and couldn’t be happier. Not bored…I like watching the progress!

  • John

    Make sure you put some backing in the wall between the den and family room to mount that sliding barn door track!


  • Tyler

    John, thanks for the info. What exactly do you mean? Sorry I am not an experienced builder.

  • Jaime (Design Milk)

    Looks like some great choices! Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  • Joseph

    John means you will need to brace the railing (which holds the sliding barn door) to the wall and will need the backing (usually 2×4′s or larger between the framing) to properly anchor the railing.

  • Tyler

    Thanks Joseph.

    Thanks Jaime, we will have a lot of projects with this house.

  • troy.

    I’m not bored either!

  • Vinlo

    Aside from the blocking for the barn door, make sure you have enough room to stack it on the side of the door you want to stack it on. I noticed that there is a light switch for the den on the one side, so I assume you want to stack it toward the outside wall – which looks like it might be a bit tight (with a bit of door additional around the opening of the door to cover it completely).

    We went with white quartz too recently (not as much grey fleck as yours).. and love it. Can’t imagine anything else.

    Also, are you trimming your windows or are you doing a drywall return? I think you posted earlier that you are doing simple trim. We did drywall return on the windows and 4.5×3/4″thk stained baseboards and 2.5×3/4″ door trim.

  • John

    RE: Backing…Joseph has it right…you’ll want your builder to install what is essentially additional framing material in the wall (between the studs) to provide you with “solid” backing into which you can screw the track for the barn door. Without the backing in place you’d have to pray that the holes in the track were 16″ OC or you’d be dealing with the hassle of installing anchors in drywall…and that sucks.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


    ps…I’d have your builder install backing anywhere that you want to install something heavy…say a wall mounted tv or even towel racks in the bathroom…it’s nice to have backing there as well.

  • Tyler

    Vinlo, We are doing a drywall return on all windows. We are doing a 4″ painted trim, it will be the same white as the walls.

    John, thanks again!

  • armel

    What is the brand of the quartz countertop ?

  • Tyler

    armel, BQ1080P Pearl White. We love it!

  • armel

    Thanks for the quick response. may I ask you how much was it per sqft? I am renovating my kitchen to and I am looking for a white quartz countertop good pirce and reasonable quality.Thanks

  • Tyler

    armel, I really don’t know the exact cost, we upgraded from granite. So we only paid the upgrade cost.

  • armel

    thanks fort your prompt response Tyler

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