WE HAVE CONCRETE! this week they dug and poured. A quick update on the exterior. We were able to get simplified garage doors so we don’t have a billion little squares. We will need to have stone on the house so we are sticking to the original choice. We are still going for a monochromatic look and feel. For exterior lighting we found some silver cylinder tubes that will shine up and down. We decided not to try and go too minimal and modern on the outside. We think it will be best for this type of neighborhood. What if we had to sell, some just may not get it. So exterior, DONE and DONE.

modern tract house design plastolux

modern tract house design plastolux

On the last post some of you asked to se my “can we” list. Keep in mind that the big popular style here is Tuscany wine country. Most of this list was can we get rid of this or that. Click “READ MORE” to see the list and floor plan changes.

The “CAN WE” list:

  • No rounded corners (standard)
  • No tray ceilings, the lower level has 9′ ceilings (standard)
  • No archways throughout the house (standard)
  • A simple baseboard and door trim (square)
  • They found us gray whitewashed maple cabinets
  • They found us stainless lever hardware for the interior doors (see picture)
  • modern tract house design plastolux

  • We removed one major wall on the main level to really open it up. The wall was there for a formal dining room. In the blue outline there are no interior walls
  • We made the office a little bigger and moved the door so that it will be facing the dinning/family room (see red dots). The door will just be a framed opening and I will be doing a sliding barn door.
  • Added and moved several windows (see green dots). We moved the one large window that was in the dining room to the back of the house so we now have three large windows, in it’s place we put 3 smaller square windows. There will be two longer transom windows in the kitchen on either side of the stainless range hood. We also added 3 small square windows to the master bedroom.
  • We removed all upper cabinets in the kitchen. I will be putting in some Ikea cabinets under the transom windows, the longer glass and metal ones.
  • modern tract house design plastolux

  • Upstairs we turned the loft/open area into a 4th bedroom for hopefully, some day, Kid number 3

modern tract house design plastolux

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