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Drywall and paint is all done, next comes the cabinets and the flooring. We are having a little debate on choosing what color of roller shades to use on the 3 large windows and the sliding glass door in the living room. Our two color choices are black or white. To set the stage for the room, the walls will remain bright white while the floor in front of the sliding glass door will be dark gray tile. The flooring in front of the 3 large windows will be dark gray wood laminate.

The objective of the lower level is to keep it feeling big and open, loft like.

Do we go with white so the walls and windows look seamless?
Do we use black and really define the windows and tie in the dark floors?
Where is the best place to pick these up?

plastolux modern window shades blinds
Looking straight into the kitchen from the family room. In between the two small windows will be a range hood and the gas stove underneath.

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds

plastolux modern window shades blinds


  • Japanese Trash

    If the goal is an open, loft-like feeling, I suggest going with white. Part of what promotes the feeling you’re looking for is the uninterrupted flow of vision; using black shades will create visual stops that you probably don’t want.

  • John

    Atrium Shade in Seattle carries these shades and I have the 5% white shades installed in my house (speak with Harold @ Atrium). NOTE: These “sun” shades offer no privacy at all at night.


  • C

    White, definitely. I did some comparison shopping and ended up getting mine @ – they were friendly, quick and easy to work with. Plus, they have a coating on the reverse side which deflects sun in summer to save in cooling costs. Same lack of privacy, though.

  • riiice

    One thing to consider is that there are several levels of openness of the weaves in the shades.
    You would think white would be the obvious answer, but consider that when the white shades are down during the day you cannot see out. It will enclose you in a white box. The advantages to white is that it will give you more privacy when viewed from the exterior both during the day, and at night.
    One of the nice things about the black shades is that you can see through them to the exterior during the day (provided you have the correct level of openness)but people cannot see inside during the day. you lose a little privacy at night though. The black shades kind of work like sunglasses.
    Though I like the way they look, I rarely use the white shades, because I feel they actually make the interior space feel smaller.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Love your blog

    If you want to have an interaction with the outside without having to raise and lower the blinds everyday go with black.

  • troy.

    Not self-promoting, just linking you up to some of my thoughts on solar shades:

  • Maggie @ Okay, now what?

    Go with White as they are classic. You may get sick of the black over time and wish for your blinds to blend in.
    Definitely get sample fabrics to put in your window and view from the inside and outside in all lighting conditions before you purchase. Doing this completely changed what we thought we wanted for our home. We ended up getting Hunter Douglas shades and are very happy with them.

    Contrary to the above comment you can definitely see out of white blinds during the day. Where ever the light is the greatest is where you can see. Reversely you can see into the house during the night when your lights are on. Of course there are various weaves and opacities. With our blinds you can see shapes and movements in the house at night but not details. It offers enough privacy for us. I like that during the day when we are not home you can not see in the house.

    In the bedrooms we have light blocking shades.

    Good luck! It is a sizeable investment. We did ours pay as you go, 1 room at a time.

  • emily

    I vote for the white – so clean and classic!

  • Joseph

    Assuming you have room for both, I recommend both black(out) and white shades, especially if you will be watching movies/television in the family room.

    I would also install solid “valances” (preferably of wood/or leftover gray laminate flooring you’re using) to hide the rollers.

  • Chad

    We’re big fans of recommending white shades that offer privacy while still letting in light during the day. They allow you to achieve privacy and energy efficiency without illuminating daylighting from your home. They also disappear against white walls. Usually it works better to highlight the architecture rather than blinds unless you are spending a lot of money on a very high end system. Good luck. I’m surer it will turn out great either way.

  • Vivian Chen

    For functionality and daytime light efficiency, go with white. For contrast, go with black. It depends on how much light the room normally gets in the daytime.

  • Aardman

    White. Please keep that space feeling open and uninterrupted.

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