This iconic mid century home is currently on the market and has one of the most amazing layouts I have ever seen. The listing doesn’t have a lot to say about the heritage of the house but I bet it has a great story to tell. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a house so full of rosewood, every single cabinet in this house is rosewood. I love that when you walk in the front door you a greeted by a long room with first a sunken conversation pit with rosewood walls. You then move to a dinning area that has a beautiful wooded view. The glass cube with the different stories is accessible from an architectural stair case that visually is a nice touch. It looks like a lot of the floors are Terrazzo and a huge bonus as well. I hope this house never falls to demolition, that would be a sad day in my book.

Iconic Mid Century
Mid Century
Iconic MidCentury
Iconic Mid Century modern
Iconic Mid Century Houston
Houston Iconic Mid Century
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mid century Houston
mid century
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Houston MCM
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Houston mid century

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