I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the readers out there that frequent plastolux.com. If any of you are using other social medias, there are other ways to follow me to get more eye candy and other visual stimulation.

On my facebook page I have been posting great eBay finds, cool video clips and other inspiring modness. Such as this cool little clip-

You can also follow on twitter if that is your way of “keeping up”.

I have just started using google+ and I think I like it.

If you really like eye candy you can check out my Flickr account

Good grief you would think I don’t have a life but I am also on SVPPLY and Pinterest

One more little fun bit of news I heard over the weekend. I found out I was included in a new iOS app, called “VISN“. If you are a visual junkie, this is pretty tight. Art, design, architecture and more. This app is super slick.

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