This massive sputnik chandelier by .PSLAB makes its new home in the THE JANE Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium. I don’t know how many times I have written about the work of .PSLAB, maybe because their work is outstanding. With this project they were able to collaborate with Piet Boon architects. Not only did they design,fabricate and install this massive piece of art but they also designed the lighting for the rest of the areas of the restaurant. They made a really nice video documenting the processes, make sure to click READ MORE to watch the video.

sputnik chandelier, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture

sputnik chandelier, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture

“.PSLAB worked closely with Piet Boon, Sergio Herman and Nick Bril, in every step of the design, conceptually and technically, producing life-sized prototypes to sculpt bespoke lighting that compliments the existing space and devises the desired setting precisely. The renovation of the chapel was not charged with the idea of a makeover, but was focused on bringing out the existing qualities and materials of the space. For the interior, the designers selected rich high quality materials such as natural stone, leather and oak, prompting a specific palette for the lighting objects.”

sputnik light, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture

sputnik, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture

chandelier, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture

sputnik lighting, modern lighting, .PSLAB, architecture