Maximalist and Artist Guy Maestri is featured on Design Files with a great video and interview. I find it interesting that in the video Guy talks about how he used to be a minimalist but now he considers himself a maximalist. It is easy to see why, especially with his art collection. There isn’t a single bit of free wall space. I have found certain rooms in my house start to take on this same “lots of stuff everywhere” approach. I think it is a natural progression of what happens to a collector. Guy is a pretty amazing artist himself, look him up if you have the time.

Everything in the house I have either made, found, swapped or have been given’ says Guy. ‘Actually, there is barely anything in the house bought new. That’s pretty much my philosophy. Everything has passed through other hands and I value that greatly. So many of the things in the house have existed in another time, and in other people’s lives.