Tomorrows House, owned by Michael Templeman, is a furniture store in Slat Lake City that houses some of the best and biggest names in mid century modern furnishings. Last November I had a chance to stop by and see his shop. I have been in a ton of MCM stores but I have to say that this is the coolest store I have been in. The renovation on the interiors and exteriors are outstanding. I asked Michael a few questions.


What is Tomorrows House?

Tomorrows house is a store in Salt Lake City That specializes in designer mid century and danish modern furniture

Tomorrows House

When was your first encounter with anything “mid century”

My first encounter with mid century was my older brother collecting it – I was about 14 and it peaked my interest and that’s when I purchased my first “mid century” piece (A fiberglass blue Eames side shell)
Tomorrows House

When did you start selling Mid Century furniture?

I started selling mid century furniture In Portland at an antique shop and than opened my first storefront in boise Idaho in 2012

What designer is your favorite and why?

My favorite designers are : Eames, George Nelson and associates, Eero saarinen – I have no specific reason other than the feeling I get when I see the original designs by those designers – it’s almost a sense of nostalgia for me.

Is there anything in particular that you collect personally?

I personally collect furniture from the designs written above – I have a furniture bucket list that gets checked off but always grows.

If you could have any piece, what would it be? Is there that white unicorn?

Hmmmm I’ve always been fascinated with the vintage Eames storage units – I do own one  but would love to find a larger one – I’ll just settle for your vintage Eames screen you found at a thrift store – ha
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