Brian Mazlin built this beach house in the 1963 with a restoration and new interiors by TFAD in 2010. This Australian beach house would be the perfect get away or just call it home and move in. The way the house sits amongst all of that vegetation is amazing. The color palette is that of natural elements. Black, white, and neutral colors make for a perfect compliment to the nature surrounding the beach.

“In 2010, TFAD carried out a number of sympathetic and clever spatial rearrangements to restore and reimagine the original character of the house. The reinvention consisted of opening the kitchen up to the dining and living spaces and replacing the small windows with larger, salvaged originals from the rear; removing dividing walls in the main living spaces to create a light-filled, open-plan atmosphere; converting one bathroom into two; moving the laundry downstairs; opening the rear of the house with floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a deck to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces”

Brian Mazlin

mid century

mid century house

mid century Australia

modern beach house

mid century beach house