This mid century Pasadena home is currently on the market. This post and beam home was built in 1952 by notable local architect Richard E. Nevara A.I.A. I almost did not post this house because I am so picky. The structure and grounds of the home are amazing. Where I felt a little let down were the choice of furnishings in the house. I know it is a personal preference and it could simply be how the home was staged. I just feel when a MCM home is filled with generic contemporary furnishings you loose a little of the history of the place, it dulls the senses. I am not a fan of oak but the cabinets found throughout the home feel like they belong. I think the landscaping is outstanding and only enhances the structure with its integration with the land.

Mid Century Pasadena

Mid Century modern Pasadena

midcentury Pasadena

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mid century modern house

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