This midcentury Pasadena estate by acclaimed architects Thornton Ladd and John Kelsey built in 1962 is the current grand prize for the 2019 Palos Verdes Dream House Raffle. I am not overly concerned about the raffle as I never win anything but when I saw the house, I became enchanted with it. The layout of the house is perfect, a house wrapped around a pool with the pool facing views being floor to ceiling glass. Mix that with materials such as bleached teak, terrazzo, and concrete slab floors, there isn’t a thing I would change other than the owner should be me. I greatly appreciate the authenticity of the furnishing as well, so nice! Photography by Lance Gerber 

Midcentury Pasadena Estate

Thornton Ladd and John Kelsey

mid century architecture

modernism Pasadena


MCM architecture

mid century house

mid century Pasadena

modern architecture

midcentury architects

modernist home

Pasadena architecture
Photography by Lance Gerber