This midcentury remodel by Mason Miller Architects has a unique exterior. The house was built in 1960 and remodeled in 2015. There was an extensive addition put onto the house. From the street the house looks fairly modest but the interiors and walls of glass give a larger breath. I am sort of torn on the use of more contemporary finishes but at the same time I like the over all look and feel of the house. I would certainly live in it and call it home. The entrance of the house makes you want more, you know there is something exciting on the inside of this structure.

Midcentury remodel

Midcentury remodel1

Midcentury remodel2

Midcentury remodel3

Midcentury remodel4

Midcentury remodel5

Midcentury remodel6

Midcentury remodel7

Midcentury remodel8