This minimal modern home by architect Hugh Newell Jacobson in Selinsgrove, PA is up for grabs. Can’t really see when the house was built but I can tell you it is a cool exercise in minimalism. Not only the the home minimal in the design and in furnishings but the color palette is minimal as well. The house almost feels like a futuristic home but promoted that way in the 70’s. All of the tan, beige, and tope are just waiting for some warmth from a wood piece or two. I am liking the artists space, you get piggy on some large canvases with plenty of room to spare. The pitched roofs make for some dramatic interiors while adding volume. The house does need some love and hopefully someone will invest and keep this place going.

Minimal Modern

minimal house

minimal architecture

minimal home

modern minimal

Hugh Newell Jacobson

Selinsgrove, PA

modern architecture