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After shopping around and comparing prices I decided to build my own credenza. I came across this site Pete made this cool credenza with very little cutting, drilling or gluing. After doing the research on europly “the wood Pete used” I realized it would be too expensive. So I started looking for alternatives.

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

I came up with the idea of using two Ikea Lack shelves and making my own. Just my luck, we found one Lack shelve in the scratch and dent section and purchased another. I ordered a set of hairpin legs from for that little touch of retro. The silver track I picked up from the local HD. I love the way it turned out and all the remotes work through the Plexiglas. Total cost was around $275. Lots of pics after the jump.

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker


  • Steve

    This is great! I’m interested to know how you attached the two Lacks together. Looks like in the last picture that there maybe an L-bracket in front of the speaker, behind the track. How sturdy is it in the long span without the intermediate verticals? Also, is the plexi custom cut from a plastics shop?

  • admin

    The verticals are in there. I cut them by 1 inch and set them back to make room for the track. There are three verticals per shelf. The bottom section has two of them and the top only has one right in the middle. The units come with a metal post with a threaded end for the verticals. I just took those and drilled some holes on the top of the bottom section then threaded in the post. I then made corresponding holes on the top and set the top on. Yes I did use some small L brackets just to sure everything up.

    I have to say it is very strong. Trust me I have a 6 and a 3 year old so it has to be sturdy. I had originally bought a middle leg for this project but it was so sturdy I did not have to use it. I think it looks a lot better without anything in the middle anyway.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Maybe I should do a follow up post with some more technical pictures.

  • Roger

    does any one know how to get a hold of Peter at OPEN SOURCE STORAGE to get these plans?
    Its an amazing idea!!!

  • admin
  • Matt

    Where did you get the colored plexi?

  • admin

    Matt, Just look up Plastics in your phone book. They will most likely stock this stuff and a lot of other colors. They should cut to order as well. My shop even drilled the holes for me.

  • Jeff

    Wow Tyler! Had no idea you even had this blog. I myself am in the same predicament as you and have been scanning IKEA for something close to what I need to hack. Nothing quite long enough. Your looks great though!

  • rao

    its great idea, simple, thanks

  • M. Wanzer

    That is really hot. I often buy shelves from ikea as well. One of the problems I often have is that a lot of their shelves are not made of real wood so I am often scared to drill holes in them. Was this wood or the wood veneer that a lot of their shelves are made out of. If it was wood veneer. Anyhow, love the idea. I know I am late on commenting on this article, I just came across your site.

  • Tyler

    M. WANZER, The Lack line is a hollow all veneer shelve. There is a particle board parameter that you can drill into, but be very careful. The hollow part has corrugated cardboard in it.

  • mark

    very nicely done! now, with all due respect, you need a solution for the sub. having it sit there, next to the credenza, ruins the look of the ensemble. it’s too bad the credenza isn’t big enough to house the sub inside. at the very least, just move it a foot or so away from the credenza (which will also help to cover that outlet).

    finally, if you can have that higher outlet moved to the left, so that it’s behind the credenza, that will help clean things up further. (moving both outlets behind the credenza would be even better.) :-)

  • Trent

    I’m really digging the shelf to the left is this molded into the wall?

  • Tyler

    Trent, That shelf is actually the foundation, our home is a little different kind os a swiss alps type place.

  • Peach

    Which size ian maclean hairpinlegs did you use?

  • Tyler

    Peach, I used the 8 inch legs

  • Jamie

    I am so glad I stumbled across this picture and related article. We’re having the same problem of needing an entertainment unit that’s long and low to fill a wall but not finding anything we like. We were thinking of using a Lack shelving unit and putting some legs on it but this is just up a level and would make it really classy looking. We’re going to go with the red Lack as our room (and house in general) is very lightly and plainly decorated so we like to have items of furniture that stand out a bit more. Off to Ikea tomorrow I think. Just need to source the legs, tracks and glass (we’re in the UK). How tall does this unit stand?

  • Tyler

    Jamie, the unit is 32″ high, make sure when you attach your legs they get screwed in close to the edges because the center of the lack in cardboard.

  • Jamie

    Bought the units today and put them together with one centre piece in the top layer and two in the bottom. It was surprisingly easy to put it all together and simple to drill the few holes that were needed. I’ve put two metal brackets on the back at either end to secure the top to the bottom as it was only on the dowels at the ends and felt a little unsteady. Feels totally solid now though. We’ve decided not to put any glass doors on though to save time and money. Also not going to put any legs on as it already stands taller than the unit we had before. Really pleased with the finished result; it looks very striking in red against our pale wood floors and painted walls. Just got to load up all the equipment now and then mount the TV on the wall.

  • Tyler

    Jamie, sounds like you guys did a nice job!

  • Brett

    Hi Tyler. I’ve been looking to build something similar to this myself, but I have been having trouble finding the sliding door tracks at my local hardware stores. In what department did you find them at your Home Depot? Were they originally meant for some other purpose than cabinet doors?

  • Tyler

    Brett, it is called aluminum U channel. Near the mailboxes and hard ware

  • Edgar

    I am trying to construct a version of this cabinet and have a question concerning the installation of the aluminum u-channel: How do you attach the u-channel to the cabinet with screws, which are inserted in the u-channel groove itself, without obstructing the sliding motion of the plexiglass door?

    I tried using flat-head screws, but the door still gets snagged by the screw head because it’s not possible to get the screw head totally flush with the surface of the u-channel. Am I missing something?



  • Tyler

    Edgar you have to counter sink the screws in the track so they sit flush. I simply took a bigger drill bit and hollowed out the hole a little more until they sat flush. I think you can buy a drill bit that will counter sink for you.

  • ben

    step by step instructions would be awesome

  • Tyler

    Ben, I wish I had them, but that was almost 3 years ago. These pieces area all held together by posts and holes, I just re-drilled the holes and put the posts in. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

  • ben

    when u say u cut the verticals 1 inch for the plexi guide, what do you mean by this..also why is the top portion shorter, is this the portion you cut 1 inch??

  • Home Design Decor

    your instructions is clear, very informative. thanks plastolux

  • Edward

    Dude, I love your innovative way of creating truly nice stuff. You are inspired and have a beautiful website. But this Ikea project is a fail without a doubt. Horrible choice, the end product is scrap. You should remember that we are only so good as the material we’re working with and when you start with Ikea products which are the definition of garbage you cannot end up with gold.

  • Tyler

    Edward, never said it was gold and yes it is scrap. It now holds my shoes in my closet. Thanks for the comment.

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