Roan Barrion has some beautiful designs in his body of work. I started following Roan on Instagram because we have the same thirst for 20th Century design. I jumped over to his site and found some very nice designs done by himself. I love that these are influenced by some of the great designers like Ponti, Perriand, Juhl, and Eames. I can see the influence of these designers in his work but I can also see an original eye.

“My work is founded on the knowledge gained through almost 20 years in the furniture industry, with over a decade spent as a specialist dealer in fine 20th Century design and decorative arts. From Ponti to Perriand, Juhl to Eames, I studied and learned from every piece that passed through my hands. Every detail of construction, every joint and every screw. From the life and times of each designer, to the genesis and evolution of each design. All were lessons in how to make objects that look just as good, if not better after 60 years of wear. All were lessons I carry with me today.”

Roan Barrion