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I finally got one part of my yard done. We moved into this home in Nov. On the right side of the front yard there was this awful island with just about every kind of ugly plant you could think of. After many Saturdays of hauling dirt and pulling plants this was the result. I am no pro by any means. I was just going for a simple geometric island to replace the mess that was already there. See the after shoots after the jump. Let me know what you think!

modern landscaping yard Contemporary
modern landscaping yard Contemporary

modern landscaping yard Contemporary
modern landscaping yard Contemporary


  • Kim

    You did a great job! I like the edging, what is it??

  • admin

    Kim, It is actually curbing, the square is 6″x6″ and the rest is 6″x4″ so the square is a little taller. I had a curbing company put it in.

  • troy.

    Hey Tyler — I know I”m a little behind the curve on this one, but better late than never, right? The transformation is really nice. Very clean. And man, that curbing, talk about commitment!

  • admin

    Troy, Thanks for the comments. I took a look at your blog you must have been stoked for the wood floors. What next for your home?

  • troy.

    Yeah…the floors were a great surprise! Next…I’m about 2 months behind on my blog (and slowly catching up). We’ve already painted, changed out hardware on a number of doors, did our own IKEA hack and now I’m into window trim and shades. I also really need to get new base/case up everywhere. Oh…and we need need to start hanging art. I’m just so indecisive about where anything should go that I default to not putting anything up and the walls are just begging for artwork. The jury is still out, but I think the next major project is the kitchen.

  • Christl

    What a big difference! You did a great job!

  • landscape architect

    I differ in opinion to the others. such a boring choice of plants and gravel.
    Sorry, but its not that impressive… apart from the pom pom plant!

  • ihc

    i wished you sticked with the original island, and just replant it.. because the curve of the landscape island compliments the straight lines of the yard.. i like the plant that looks like a lollipop.. more green (or other color) please..

  • Mike O.

    Can you tell me approximately how much it cost to have the curbs put in (per ft). I’m thinking about doing something similar, thanks.

  • Tyler

    Mike, I believe it was between $7-$8 you can find cheeper but if you can, make sure they put a sealant on the concrete after the put it down, it cures a lot stronger with less cracking.

  • Randy


    Nice stone work. See you this weekend in Columbus at the Miller house.


  • Tyler

    Thanks Randy, see you there!

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