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3 Fab Furniture Ideas for Your Small Space

Guest Post by Yoriko Thomas

While we all might dream of a mansion or a huge house on a hill overlooking the ocean, the reality of our abodes is usually something much more humble. No matter how lofty our goals might be, while we’re working on achieving them we’re likely stuck living in a small apartment or home for the time being.

Making do with a small space presents many challenges. These homes often come with cramped living spaces, tiny kitchens, and miniscule closets that are the bane of every fashionista’s existence. It might be easy to throw one’s hands up and decide that there’s just so working around these problems of space, but we don’t give up that easily.

If you approach your small space as an opportunity, instead of an obstacle, miracles can happen. Review some of our tips on how your teeny tiny apartment can make a big impact.


Mid century in Grand Rapids

Lately I can’t get enough of mid century homes for sale. This mid century in Grand Rapids was designed by the nationally renowned architect H.H. Cole in 1961 for the Merkel family. The box design is different than the post and beam I like but I would certainly live here in a heart beat. The star case is pretty amazing as the first thing you see when entering the house. All of the mahogany in the house is warm and inviting.

mid century in grand rapids, mcm, Michigan modern

mid century in grand rapids, mcm, Michigan modern

Palm Springs fashion editorial

This Palm Springs fashion editorial by ilse de boer photographed by tim zaragoza for air france madame is pretty nice. Is Palm Springs really that cool that you can just do a photo shoot in the street and have it look good? I think they should have taken it inside a few of these homes. The mid century modern architecture is times and could make just about any fashion look amazing.

palm springs fashion, architecture mid century,mcm

palm springs fashion, architecture mid century,mcm


There is a feel of “old world” in some of the work from Raboni Architetti. I find it interesting that a renaissance painting would fit into a a modern interior paired with some modern decor. These interiors have a warmth that you can almost feel. I think someone is a fan of the Thonet chair?

interiors,Raboni Architetti

interiors,Raboni Architetti

Modern renovations by Brian O’Tuama Architects

When it comes to modern renovations or additions Brian O’Tuama Architects has a fantastic body of work. I know I may sound like a broken record here but I am drawn to these residential projects where older architecture is updated. Updated in a way where both the old and new work together. Most of Brian O’Tuama Architects residential works shows this. Make sure to look at the floors.

modern renovations, addition,renovation,moder,architecture, Brian O’Tuama

modern renovations, addition,renovation,moder,architecture, Brian O’Tuama

A rustic modern home

I can’t say that I am a huge fan of rustic modern interiors but this place may be somewhat of an exception. The white walls and the, what looks to be concrete floors are a great balance to all of the rough worn wood that is used on the walls and some table surfaces. The exposed trusses on the ceilings are an amazing architectural element that attracted my eye.

rustic modern,modern, interiors

rustic modern, interiors

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