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Architectural Masterpiece by Bruce Graham

This Architectural Masterpiece designed by Bruce Graham in 1968 is currently on the market. The home is a perfect understated balance of contemporary, pieces of mid century with a hint of craftsman. I have to say that the current owner/art collector has some pretty amazing taste. Even thought the home is considered contemporary, it has some hints of mid century. Maybe it is the color of the woods in the home mixed with the furnishings but it is so well balanced. Even the bathrooms are nice.

modern architecture, design, contemporary

Architectural Masterpiece,modern architecture, design, contemporary

Corten house by Pitsou Kedem Architects

The Corten house by Pitsou Kedem Architects has an abundance of amazing features but the obvious one is that metal checkerboard screen. The screen mixed with all of the glass walls and open structure creat a space that is ever changing with light and shadow. I love the upper level mezzanine and how it looks down over the large living area. The industrial feel of concrete, steel and glass come together quite nicely in this structure and create a stunning modern home.

modern architecture,house,design

modern architecture,house,design

Converted loft

This converted loft is more on the contemporary side than mid century but I am really liking this persons art collection. Most of the art is contemporary or pop art but there are some mid century goodies floating around. The architecture of this converted textile mill provides some great design elements. The ceilings are pretty amazing with the edges having accent lighting. I also noticed that there are accent lights in the floor highlighting columns and other notes features.

modern art,converted, loft, design

Converted loft,modern art,converted, loft, design

Lovingly restored mid century home

This lovingly restored mid century home is the “other child” of comedian and mid century design enthusiast Tim Ross and family. Reading this story and watching the video makes me want to go out and find me a house to love. Even more so the results are outstanding, how would it be to wake up every day in this place. The house was originally built in 1959 for the Atherton family, and designed by their friend Bill Baker. Bill traveled to LA often and was inspired by what was happening at the time. Make sure to click over to the Design Files for the full interview.

mid century,mcm,remodel,Australia,modern

restored mid century home,mid century,mcm,remodel,Australia,modern

The art of Stephen Ormandy

Stephen Ormandy was the name that came up when I came across a stunning painting on instagram. Stephen’s work has to be some of my favorite. His paintings are simple in shape and color but there is complexity, the shapes interaction with one another create an unsaid complexity that one has to find. His sculptures are an outstanding exploration of fluid continuous movement. I love the exploration of materials in his sculpture as well.

Stephen Ormandy,modern art,abstract,sculpture

modern art,abstract,sculpture

Mid century Rancho Mirage

Mid century Rancho Mirage are two phrases comely found together. The Kenaston Residence by E. Stewart Williams built in 1957 is currently on the market. You know the house, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made a statement in this home with an iconic photo shoot for W. If this were my house I don’t think I would ever want to leave. Here is a question, like many things, if you lived in an iconic mid century home like this would you loose appreciation for it? Would it become the mundane? It was Just a thought.

mid century,architecture,house

Mid century Rancho Mirage,mid century,architecture,house

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