The Rados Residence by Richard Neutra is currently on the market. I have said it before, but Neutra has to be my absolute favorite architect. Impressive mahogany marine-grade wood beams, terrazzo floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors are just a few elements that create the character of this amazing home. Interesting to note that this is one of the largest Neutra-built homes in the US. The view alone is note worthy. I hope the new owner hates Kelly Green.

“Fifty years after his family fled the Austro-Hungarian Empire, prolific shipbuilder John Rados purchased a large, hillside lot overlooking the Port of Los Angeles and his beloved company, Harbor Boat Building. For Rados, Neutra’s designs embodied postwar unpretentiousness, technological advances, and adaptability to a newly redefined world.” deasy penner podley

Rados Residence by Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra

Rados Residence

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Photos © Cameron Carothers