OEO Studio has a strong beliefe in “reason for being”. While looking through their work I instantly felt that OEO had high standards when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and user interaction. Not only are these interiors, furniture and objects executed with precision but the qualities that involve the other senses must play well too. I like their furniture, clean and simple lines mixed with superior materials make for a sound investment.

“Designer and creative director Thomas Lykke and CEO Anne Marie Buemann are strong believers in “reason for being”. They share an ardent drive and passion for creating products and experiences that harbour an inner sense of necessity and offer enduring quality.

They also share a passion for craftsmanship, tactile natural materials and a lived-in sensibility when creating meaningful products and universes. Their profound understanding of the personality of a brand, their human approach and their insatiable curiosity has taken them far – from creating the interiors of Michelin-starred restaurants to aspirational objects that have earned their place in the permanent collections of the V&A.”

OEO Studio





OEO Studio