This Richard Neutra in Pasadena California currently hit the market. The Clark House, restored by Marmol and Radziner and upgraded with today’s amenities, this property is a rare jewel on the Eastside. Built in 1957, on a large 26,306 SF lot. The signature for me is the back of the house with all of its glass luring the inside outside. The house is fairly modest and indiscreet. The home does look so nice and almost untouched. Kudos to Marmol and Radziner for doing an amazing job on the restoration. The wood built-ins look revived and ready for another 50 years. I could live in Pasadena, I lived in Glendale for a few years and the surrounding areas are beautiful.

Richard Neutra in Pasadena California

Richard Neutra

Neutra in Pasadena

Richard Neutra Pasadena

Richard Neutra mid century

midcentury Pasadena




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