This five-bedroom house is an exceptional piece of Scandinavian design, nestled in the Sussex countryside. Built in 1968, it was designed by the Danish architect Aage Møller with his wife Carol, a renowned landscape architect. Sometimes we (including myself) get caught up in drooling over the immaculate Mid century house full of the most rare and hard to find art and design. This house feels real and honest, yes there are some great pieces inside but the structure feels lovingly lived in.

“Great care was taken by the architects to construct the house from quality materials. Externally the yellow bricks were hand made at 2 inches high, the Danish norm, rather than the British 3 inch bricks of the time. The timber Velfac windows are double glazed with integral venetian blinds where appropriate. Stained pine boarding completes the Scandinavian aesthetic. Internally there is Junkers Ash flooring throughout together with Douglas Fir ceilings to the living areas. Heating is via oil-fired underfloor ducted air.”

Scandinavian design






Scandinavian design