Studio Daskal Laperre has a great minimal curated style that I can certainly appreciate. Daphné Daskal and Stéphanie Laperre started their own studio of interior architecture, after working mainly on residential projects for several years. Residence DD caught my attention. I love a pavilion style house even thought this has a second story. The surrounding landscape is mature and makes the house feel like is has been there 50 years. The home is filled with carefully selected iconic pieces that work well together. This house would be my dream retirement heaven, just sit outside every morning and yell at the squirrels.

“For Daskal & Laperre architecture is an intuitive process, driven by material research and a sculptural approach to light, space and textures. Blending functionality with minimalist sobriety, each project starts by interpreting the client’s needs and translating them into homely architecture or interiors.”

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