I came across the work of Evan Venegas and was instantly intrigued by not only the colors but the layers and depth of shape that was happening. At the right angle these works feel very dimensional. Could you imagine one of these pieces in a room, can you say instant conversation. I love mid century but I feel like this style could bridge the gap between mid century and contemporary design. “lost Grid and Chroma Flux” are my favorite series. These two series also have a futuristic feeling that maybe leeds you to the feeling of a connected city with layers and layers of buildings.

“I seek to create an experience or a state of mind for the viewer that inspires a change in perception or a focused consciousness. On a technical basis I am constantly fine tuning and exploring what shapes, colors, and scale best allow for this type of experience—the shapes in my work are individual pieces of a puzzle, laid out for the viewer’s imagination to create and assemble an experience that is unique and personal.”

Evan Venegas








Evan Venegas