I first learned of Seymour Fogel (1911-1983) when I posted about the The American National Bank Building in downtown Austin. Fogel has a stunning mosaic there. He was said to be the father of Modernism in the state of Texas. His work has a deep feeling of mid century. I chose the work that resonates with me the most.

“Eager for work, in 1933, Fogel worked as an assistant to Diego Rivera on his ill-fated Man at the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future mural at Rockefeller Center. He joined the crew working with Ben Shahn and other aspiring young artists who were accepted into Rivera and Frida Kahlo’s circle of successful and upcoming artists. Fogel not only learned the art of mural painting and the labor-intensive technique of buon fresco from Rivera but also Rivera’s method of creating art accessible to the masses by infusing the decorative with the didactic.” Source

Seymour Fogel


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