TGAvetarPlastolux was started in 2007 by founder Tyler Goodro in a desire to feed his passion for mid century modern and contemporary design found in architecture, interiors, furniture, objects and art. Our focus lies with individuals that express strong feelings towards ingenuity, utmost quality, simplicity of design and the use of honest materials. We have a strong appreciation for the mid-20th century and those pioneers/designers that explored modern materials with simplistic clean lined design.

I am a father to four amazing children and a husband to a beautiful wife. They are my first and foremost passion, they are what bring me true joy. I studied graphic design in college and have worked in this field since graduating. I consider myself lucky as I have been able to apply my love for design across many mediums. I have a deep respect for things form the past, their imperfections and patina have a story, a tale to tell. I love mid century furniture and art, which are part of my collecting habits. I get great satisfaction from restoring a piece that has fallen to disrepair. I refer to myself as a true DIY type of person


Pinterview on Pinterest Lifework-Herman Miller Front & Main – West Elm
Unplggd – Apartment Therapy Rooms designed for Apartment Therapy



















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